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About Haldor

Microsoft Office 365 provides a variety of tools for schools and businesses and Microsoft is continuously launching new features. This is the strength of Microsoft. For many, it can however be perceived as difficult to get a clear understanding of all this diversity. This is why Haldor exists.

With Haldor you save valuable time. Teachers and students receive a clear dashboard of their every day activities and communication between is simplified and clarified. Haldor is a pedagogical and easily accessible digital environment in a school, suitable for everyone.

If you already have Office 365 you can start using Haldor today. Our employees have extensive experience, with continuously updated technical and pedagogical skills. This makes us unique in the market. We offer high quality support and training for schools in digitization, technology and learning tools. Our ambition and goal is to help digitalize the schools of Sweden!

Here you can download our logo for use in collaborations, marketing and articles.

Haldor’s logo

About us

Everyone who works at Haldor has a background from the school system in different forms. We have worked as teachers, project managers, IT Managers and teacher trainers. Several within the company have a background as IT technicians in different schools.

Through our knowledge and understanding of the school system we can support and guide you throughout the whole digitalization process. As we have experience from working with children in need of special support, our focus is simple and clear structures.

Our system developers have extensive experience in developing in Microsoft environments and are experts on cloud solutions in Azure. What we develop strictly follows the guidelines of Microsoft and GDPR.

We are certified to educate in all the tools in Microsoft Office 365 and Minecraft: Education Edition.

Microsoft in education global training partner

Contact us

Sara Zetterberg VD Haldor

Sara Zetterberg


Sara is the CEO of Haldor and is responsible for sales…

Joakim Henriksson Utbildning Support Haldor

Joakim Henriksson


Joakim works as project manager, trainer and is closely connected to…

Jarle Skogheim Utvecklare CEO Haldor

Jarle Skogheim

Technology and Development

Jarle is the CTO of Haldor and is responsible for the…

Daniel Wahlgren Support Utbildning Haldor

Daniel Wahlgren

Technology and Development

Daniel is a technical consultant in the field of server- and…

Andreas Farkas Support Teknik Haldor

Andreas Farkas

Technology and Development

Andreas is a technician and salesman with a focus on cloud…

Victor Ivering Support Teknik Haldor

Victor Ivering

Technology and Development

Victor is a technical consultant with a focus on helping the…

Peter Olofsson - Utbildningsansvarig Haldor

Peter Olofsson


Peter Olofsson is the Manager of Education at Haldor. Contact Peter…

Andreas Ekström

Technology and Development

Andreas is employed as a developer. Andreas comes from a deep…

Erik Hahne

Technology and Development

Erik is an intern at Haldor working as a back-end developer.…

Patrik Hansson

Technology and Development

Patrik is newly graduated from the Iftac school in Sundsvall, Sweden.…

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